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Bitchin' new review of The Phantom Scars, Lo-Fi Girl 7" over at 7 Inches

Pure Predication got a good review of their Dead Boy 7" in the new issue (#9) of Bananas Magazine!


Jason over at 7 Inches gave Pure Predication's Dead Boy 7" a killer review! Check it out HERE!

Update on Thee Tee Pee's LP. Tracks are on the way to have the lacquer cut. Short of any major plant delays, the LP should see release by late spring.


Just a couple quick things. Got in some Manglor Records stickers from the great Sticker Guy. These will be free with any record order (one per order) while supplies last.


Thee Tee Pees recently hit the studio and recorded the tracks for their upcoming LP. I have heard the raw mixes and they sound amazing. This is going to be one killer release. The LP is still in the early stages, but things are moving along. Hope to have the record out sometime within' the 2nd quarter of 2014!

Stay tuned boppers!


WVXU in Cincinnati gave the Pure Predication - Dead Boy 7" a great review, check it out HERE.




Thee Tee Pees - Your A Turd 7" (Bachelor Records)
Thee Cormans/The Pacifics split 7" (Bachelor Records)
The Pacifics - Play Favourites 7" (Bachelor Records)
Cyclops - Eye Can't Take It 7" (Bachelor Records)
Dharma Dogs - Drown 7" (Kitschy Manitou)
Personal and The Pizzas - Raw Pie LP (Bachelor Records)


EXTREMLY low quantities on some of these, so don't hesitate! Order here...




Check out all of these bitchin' distro titles that will be available through the Manglor shop in the coming weeks...

Thee Tee Pees - Your A Turd 7"
Thee Cormans / The Pacifics split 7"
The Pacifics - Play Favourites 7"
Cyclops - Eye Can't Take It 7"
Black Boots - Raven 7"
Las Vinylators - La Selva 7"
Los Tones - Buchanan Hammer 7"
The Baron Four - 5 to 4 7"
The Modds - Leave My House 7"
The Sound Reasons - Till the End of Time 7"
Dharma Dogs - Drown 7"
Personal & The Pizzas - Raw Pie LP

Stay tuned boppers!


First look at the cover art for PURE Predication's upcoming 7", Dead Boy!
Tests have been approved.
Covers are being printed.
Coming mid. to late Oct.!

 Should see Pure Predication test pressings in about two weeks or so!
 Received the mastered tracks for the upcoming PURE Predication 7" that will be out by the end of the year. SO good, can't wait to get this sucker out!

Stay tuned boppers!
Maximum Rock N Roll gave The Phantom Scars, Lo-Fi Girl 7" a killer review in last month's issue, #363. Coke bottle clear copies are still available. Only 100 pressed and they are over half way gone for good!

More reviews are in, this time from Razorcake!

Read their review of Thee Tee Pees 7" HERE

Read their review of The Phantom Scars' first 7" HERE!

Great stuff!

Reviews of both Thee Tee Pees - "Bitchin' Titties, and The Phantom Scars - Lo-Fi Girl, now up over at Terminal Boredom! Check 'em out HERE!

Thee Tee Pees savage hit, Bitchin' Titties, was aired on MRR Radio last Sunday. You can listen to, and/or download the show HERE!

Maximum Rock 'N Roll reviewed Thee Tee Pees 7" in last month's issue, and the record made reviewer Kenny Kaos' Top 10 List!

Expect a lot more updates on the upcoming PURE Predication 7" and Thee Tee Pees 12" starting next month!

PURE Predication have recorded three songs for their upcoming 7". The tracks are being mastered now.

The Sellwoods - Extended Play 7" on "SNOTTY GREEN" vinyl!

The good news just keeps rolling in here at Manglor!

PURE Predication's debut on vinyl!  7" record coming out on Manglor Records!

If you haven't heard PURE Predication yet, be sure and check them out. Killer lo-fi garage two piece out of Cincinnati, Ohio.
This one is in the very early stages, but a deal has been struck, and it's coming this year! In the meantime, I highly recommend that you purchase their Junk Shit For Brains cassette through Hard Body Sounds.

More info. as it develops.

THIS JUST IN! Manglor Records has worked a deal with Thee Tee Pees, to release their debut 12" LP!
This record is still in the very early stages, so it will be a while before any release date is set, but it's coming!
In the meantime, be sure and pick up their still hot off the press current 7" "Bitchin' Titties", HERE!
Stay tuned boppers!

Red vinyl copies of Thee Tee Pees "Bitchin' Titties" 7" are now SOLD OUT through Manglor. Only place I know you can still get red copies, is Slovenly, but I know they don't have many. Manglor still have black copies in stock, and they sound just as good!

The long awaited (and assumed shelved) new 7" single from Tyler Jon Tyler on Slow Fizz records is now available through the Manglor Records store! Limited availability, so snatch 'em up!

 Want to hear the title track off the new 45 from The Phantom Scars? Download the podcast of Tue. night's Rock And Roll Dance Party show. They play the tune Lo-Fi Girl during the first block of songs. You can find it HERE. You should download all of the Rock And Roll Dance Party podcasts, and catch his show when it airs, it's an all around great show!

 Down to ONLY 5 of the red vinyl copies of Thee Tee Pees new 7" in stock, and then it's gone for good! So don't hesitate if you want it on White Man's Blood!

 Don't get used to it, Manglor is not a distro, but from time to time, extremely sporadically, I WILL distro records. By the end of the week I will have the new Tyler Jon Tyler - Pleated Skirts 7" single (That everyone thought was shelved), and a 7" comp from Obvious Records with a tune from The Phantom Scars on it, available for purchase through Manglor. More on those when they go up!

 Roctober's review of The Phantom Scars, Lo-Fi Girl EP is up. They combined it with their review of The Phantom Scars "Again & Again" 7". Good stuff! Go HERE

 Roctober has just posted their review of the new Thee Tee Pees 45, and it's a good one! Check it out HERE.

 Thee Tee Pees also got a rad review in the new issue of Bananas (below), and made the center spread. If you aren't familiar with Bananas Magazine, be sure and check it out, it is a killer garage zine out of NY.

 The new 7" by The Phantom Scars is now in stock and ready to ship!

They also have a record release show coming up next weekend.

You can now hear a snippet of the song Bitchin' Titties off of Thee Tee Pees new EP. Just head over to the "Releases" section of the site.

Both current Manglor releases, Thee Tee Pees "Bitchin Titties" and The Phantom Scars "Again & Again" are now available through Slovenly and Don't Panic, It's a Distro, and of course still available directly through Manglor Records.

Now less than 20 red vinyl copies of Thee Tee Pees EP in stock here at Manglor! So be sure and get your order in!

Drag above, below or to the sides of any module.

Red vinyl copies of the new Thee Tee Pees EP are moving fast and I am down to under 30! If you are looking to pick up the red, do not hesitate!

The covers for The Phantom Scars upcoming 7" EP, Lo-Fi Girl, came in and look rad. We are waiting on test pressings from the plant now, and it shouldn't be much longer. Still hoping for a early May release. Some info. on this release...
300 pressed
100 Coke bottle clear vinyl
200 black vinyl
Four songs
Digital download code, which includes a bonus track
Cover art by Nathan Jerde

NOW IN STOCK! THEE TEE PEES "Bitchin' Titties" 7" EP!
300 pressed
100 red vinyl
200 black vinyl
Four savage hits!
Every record includes a digital download code!

 Thee Tee Pees "Bitchin' Titties" 7" EP is now up for pre-order! Will ship around mid. April!


 It is looking like Thee Tee Pees 45 will be out late this month, or early April. The covers are in, and look sweet, now we just need some wax to stuff in them. Won't be long before we reveal the cover. Here's a hint... Bitchin' Titties!


Rocktober give The Phantom Scars EP one ass kickin' review! Check it out here!

 Well, I promised a new website, and here it is. It sure as hell isn't going to win any awards, but it is far better than before. I still have a lot of work to do to it, so expect some changes over the next month. I hope you all find it easy to navigate. If you notice any glitches, or have some ideas of what you would like to see, drop me a line.

 The next two releases are shaping up nicely, so expect some updates on those soon.


New 45s from Thee Tee Pees and The Phantom Scars currently in the works for 2013!

 Bitchin' news! Manglor Records will be releasing Thee Tee Pees' next 7"! More info. to come as it develops! In the meantime, pick up their debut 7" on Bachelor Records, if you have yet to, and do the smog!

 The glow-in-the-dark copies of The Phantom Scars 7" are SOLD OUT! It is still available on no gimmicks, classic black vinyl though!

 Manglor Records would like to thank everyone who has purchased our debut release this year. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year, and we will see you in 2013 with some new releases!

 More releases than just a new The Phantom Scars 7" coming in 2013! Hope to have some good news to share soon.

 Look for a new 7" by The Phantom Scars on Manglor Records sometime early 2013.

 Glow-in-the-dark versions of their debut 7" are nearly sold out, so if you are still looking for one, don't hesitate!