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 Manglor is not currently releasing new records, but you can still buy most of the past titles directly from us! The store will be open for as long as there are records to sell.


 Manglor will be setting up table at The Mummies and Jinxes show in Burbank, CA on Oct. 23. Be sure and stop by my table and say hello. I will have every Manglor release on hand. Some are in very low quantities, so if you are after The Jinxes, Thee Tee Pees, or The Mants 7"s, I suggest you order now, because I can't guarantee there will be any of those left when I get back.

Here is your first taste of the upcoming Lester and The Finks 7". 2nd song on side A, This City's Burning. Look for the record sometime early 2016. As well as the upcoming Black Panties 7".

Dead Drugs just got this killer review in Razorcake!

The Fink Bombs
7" is back in stock once again, and this time we have a special deal for you! Get a Fink Bombs enamel/lapel pin for FREE by being one of the first five people to order the record! Pins are normally $5, so you are getting a $10 total value for just $5!


 A couple new reviews of The Jinxes - Mosquitoes 45 are in.
Bananas Magazine


New in distro! The brand new 7" from Gino and the Goons on Pelican Pow Wow!

You can order a copy HERE.

And speaking of the Manglor online store, FREE shipping in the US now for qualifying orders....


Black Panties coming to Manglor!
A 7" is planned for the end of the year.

Speaking of Black Panties, I currently have the new 7" on Lumpy Records in stock. Sold out through the label, so get one while you can. I currently only have a few left.

Lester and The Finks
7" still coming. Taking a bit longer than planned, but the tracks will be going out to be mastered soon.

Stay tuned boppers!


Reviews of The Jinxes and Dead Drugs 7"ers in the new issue of Maximum Rock N Roll!


 Bananas Magazine #11 is hot off the press! Check out this incredible "better late than never" review of Thee Tee Pees LP. This is definitely the longest review, and pretty sure best review any Manglor release has ever gotten, and it's right on point.

The Jinxes 7"s is reviewed in this issue as well. Be sure to pick up a copy and show some love to one of the best garage zines around!



Cal and the Calories - Demo 7"

Sick Thoughts - Beat on Beat 7"
Sick Thoughts - Moral Sickness 7"
Sick Thoughts - I Got Hands 7"
Sick Thoughts - Stabbed in my Back 7"
Sick Thoughts - You Won't Get Through 7"

Chicken Chain- Birth of the Googus LP


NEW IN DISTRO! New releases, represses, and restocks.

From Total Punk
Gino and the Goons - Play Loud 12" (4th pressing, 3rd on Total Punk)
Golden Pelicans - S/T 12" (2nd pressing)

From Bachelor Records
Peach Kelli Pop - III LP
Batman and Garagekid - I'm Not a Monkey 7"
Thee Tee Pees - Your a Turd 7"

Also The Fink Bombs new 7", You Can't Tame Me

Dead Drugs - Pillow Talk 7" EP

Dead Drugs is a one man garage punk band out of Illinois.

5 songs
300 pressed
Green vinyl
Includes digital download code

Get it HERE!


The Jinxes - Mosquitoes 7"

 The once self proclaimed “worst band in LA”, The Jinxes were most active in the early to mid 2000s, sharing the stage with garage punk and lo-fi surf legends The Phantom Surfers, The Trashwomen, The Flakes, Thee Cormans, The Teutonics, South Bay Surfers, etc., and even played The Mummies last show!

 They are sloppy, lo-fi, and their lyrics are dumb. They are everything a budget rock band should be. Their only previous vinyl release was a split with The Teutonics on Boss Hoss Records in 2008 (a must have!). Manglor dug a couple gems out of the vault for this long overdue single. Side A features the track Mosquitoes, a song that everyone on the planet can relate to, and on Side B you get a Farfisa drenched banger, Oh Yeah!, which will have you dancing around like an idiot and punching holes in the wall. Included on the digital download code is a bonus 7 song, Live at the Stork Club, EP!

 The Jinxes are made up of Scott, Jorge and Sean, of Thee Tee Pees and Kai from The Khans

300 pressed
Hand stamped budget cover
Includes digital download code (with bonus 7 song Live at the Stork Club EP)
First 25 copies sold through Manglor will include a glow-in-the-dark Manglor Records 45 adapter.

Get it HERE!


Hand stamped budget cover for this bitchin' budget rock release!

Both The Jinxes and Dead Drugs 7"s are now up for pre-order! The Jinxes will start shipping early next week, the Dead Drugs is about two weeks or so off. Pre-order them at the Manglor Shop.

Here are the stats for both records....


2 song 45
300 pressed
Black vinyl
Includes digital download code (with bonus tracks)
Hand stamped budget covers (revealed soon)
First 25 sold through Manglor will include a Manglor Records glow-in-the-dark 45 adapter.

5 songs
300 pressed
Green vinyl
Includes digital download code
Cover art by Nikki Rice
First 25 sold through Manglor will include a Manglor Records glow-in-the-dark 45 adapter.


The test pressing of The Jinxes 45 has been approved, so now we just wait for production. Take a listen to the Side A track. A fine budget rock tune, that everyone on the planet can relate to.


 The test pressings of both The Jinxes (black) and Dead Drugs (green) 7"s have arrived!


And here is the cover art for the Dead Drugs 7", by artist Nikki Rice.

Stay tuned boppers!


First song off the upcoming Dead Drugs 7" EP!


The lacquers for BOTH The Jinxes and Dead Drugs 7"s have arrived at the pressing plant. Now we wait for test pressings.

Only a couple more days left in the Manglor Records Total Madness Month Long Sale! If there are records you want, get them on the cheap while you can. I won't be having another sale until the end of the year.
Some new records in distro! Two new releases from Total Punk, Cal and the Calories, and Midnite Snaxxx, the new Negative Scanner and restock of The Wet 7"s on Tall Pat Records, and The Khans 7" (glow in the dark or black vinyl) on Golden Rake Records.


I am starting the year off right, with a massive month long sale!
Most 12" records $11.00 or less! Many 7"ers $5.00 or less!
EVERY record is on sale, some decent deals, some great deals, some crazy cheap deals! VERY low stock on some titles, so don't hesitate if there is a record you want! SHOP HERE


The tracks for the upcoming 45 by The Jinxes will be going off to have the lacquer cut early next week.

In the meantime, I currently have the Losers Of The 93/KHJ Boss Radio Battle Of The Bands! split 7" in stock, with their only two songs on vinyl to date. Only The Teutonics on vinyl as well! If you do not have this, you are nearing your last chance to score one. I have close to the only existing stock left, and once my current stock is gone I won't be able to get many more. You can currently snag a copy for $5.00 during the Manglor Records Total Madness Month Long Sale.

Have some repress copies of the Buck Biloxi - Culture Demanufacturer LP on Total Punk in stock. This record is hot, and for good reason!


I should probably get my head examined for this one. 2015 will see the release of two old tunes on 45 by The Jinxes, once hailed as the worst band in LA. They had a couple of tracks on a split 7" with The Teutonics released on Boss Hoss Records back in 2009 (which can be purchased through Manglor). 3/4 of The Jinxes are currently in Thee Tee Pees.

Here is some footage of them doing GG Allin's Don't Talk To Me in 2008 at Mr. T's Bowl. Also on the bill were The Trashwomen, The Flakes and Thee Cormans.

Also coming in 2015, the debut 7" from Lester and The Finks. You can download their new demo HERE for free.


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Give the gift of vinyl this Christmas! It's Small Business Saturday, and Manglor certainly qualifies! Enter the code BIGWHOOP at checkout to save 10% off your order! Sale runs through Monday night.

New reviews out for Thee Tee Pees LP and The Mants 7"!
Thee Tee Pees LP @ Razorcake
The Mants 7" @ Razorcake

The Mants 7" in the new issue of Pork Magazine....

Be sure and pick up Bananas Magazine's just released 10th issue, which features an interview with me about the label.

Also, if you haven't yet, be sure and download the Bananas Magazine, Peel Session 1 comp. It's free, and includes 13 tracks from bands covered in issue 10, including Thee Tee Pees, The Mants, and Lester and The Finks. Great stuff!


Dead Drugs recorded a bunch of songs on Sat., a few of which will end up on his upcoming debut 7". The trashy stuff he laid down has me really excited about this release. As soon as the tracks are mixed, and it has been decided which songs will be on the record, they will be fired off to be mastered.

Keep an eye out for the new issue of Bananas Magazine, which features and interview with yours truly, and see just how bad I am at interviews!


Some new (and restocked) records in distro!

The first 7" by Thee Tee Pees on Bachelor Records!
The Tuetonics/ The Jinxes split 7"
Cyclops - Eye Can't Take It 7"
The Mad Doctors - Snake Oil Superscience LP


In celebration of their 10th issue, Bananas Magazine has compiled a free downloadable comp., featuring bands covered, and bands on labels covered, in the upcoming issue. Tunes from Thee Tee Pees, The Mants, Lester and The Finks, and more! Head on over to bandcamp, and give it a download!

And look for an interview with Manglor in issue 10!

Jason Egan recently gave The Mants - Destroyed By Fuzz 7" a great review over at the 7 Inches blog! CHECK IT OUT!

Still a few fluorescent lime copies left! And these are ALL that are left, so get one while you can!

Hey friends overseas! Thee Tee Pees LP and The Mants - Destroyed By Fuzz 7" are now available at Bachelor Records out of Austria! Might save you some bucks to pick them up from there.

Thee Tee Pees LP reviews are finally starting to show up. Here is what MRR had to say in the new issue.


Some killer new records in from Pelican Pow Wow and Resurrection Records!

Manateees - Sit N Spin LP (BRAND NEW release)
No Bails - EPYX Shredder LP
Trampoline Team - Velveteen Dream 7"
The Shrills - Meltdown LP
Mojo Hand - The Very Best Of 7"
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms - I've Got A Feeling 7"
Primitive Hearts - S/T 7"
Primitive Hearts / Pookie & the Poodlez - split 7"
Lunch - Johnny Pineapple 7"
Bad Coyotes - Time For Sex Positions 7"

Get 'em
Dead Drugs is a one man, guitar and drum, garage punk band out of Illinois. Manglor will be releasing his debut 7" early next year. This is still in the very early stages. Shooting for a Jan./Feb. 2015 release. Expect to see regular updates starting in Nov.

In the meantime, shoot on over to his Bandcamp page, and download some demo stuff for free, you won't be sorry!

The Mants - Destroyed By Fuzz is now in stock! Color vinyl is close to sold out. Get it HERE

The Mants - Destroyed By Fuzz 7" is NOW UP FOR PRE-ORDER!

100 on fluorescent lime green radioactive Mant bile vinyl.
200 on Mant black
First 50 fluorescent lime copies sold through Manglor will include a glow-in-the-dark Manglor Records 45 adapter.
Digital download code included (with bonus track)
Cover art by Darren Merinuk

Pre-order HERE!
The Mants - Destroyed By Fuzz vinyl has arrived, but we are still waiting on covers. Will be a Mid. September release.

Pre-orders will begin this Monday!

100 on fluorescent lime green radioactive Mant bile vinyl.
200 black
First 50 fluorescent lime copies sold through Manglor will include a glow-in-the-dark Manglor Records 45 adapter.
Digital download code included (with bonus track)
Cover art by Darren Merinuk


The Mants - Destroyed By Fuzz 7" will see release mid. September or sooner. I will start taking pre-orders very soon. The first 100 will be on florescent lime green vinyl. The first 50 will include a glow-in-the-dark Manglor Records 45 adapter. Stay tuned boppers!

NEW IN DISTRO! Some great LPs from Dead Beat Records.

Sick Thoughts - My Mess My Life
The Weaklings - Rock N Roll Owes Me
Modern Pets - Sorry Thanks
Heartbeeps - My Bones Are Tattooed
Radio Reelers - The Next Best Thing

Get 'em here Manglor Records Store


The Mants - Destroyed By Fuzz test pressings have arrived, and sound killer! First 100 will be on fluorescent lime AKA Radioactive Mant Bile color vinyl!

Take a listen to the title track..
Thee Tee Pees LP, as well as all other current Manglor titles, are now available through Slovenly. And speaking of Thee Tee Pees LP, I am currently running a contest over on Instagram to win free Thee Tee Pees records! Follow @manglorrecords for details and to enter!


 Red vinyl copies of the new Thee Tee Pees LP are sold out, but don't let that keep you from picking it up on classic black, sounds just as good!

The LP is also now available at Floridas Dying, so head on over and grab a copy.  You should pick up some Total Punk releases while there too, you will be glad you did!

Also, Thee Tee Pees have a big show coming up! Aug. 23 brings the return of The Count Backwurds!!! WOWIE ZOWIE!!!



All pre-orders have been shipped, so if you pre-ordered, your record will finally be in your hands soon! I hope once you spin it, you feel the wait has been worth it!

As of this posting, I am down to only 9 copies of the red vinyl left. So if you haven't purchased a copy, and want red, get that order in, these are NOT going to last. Get it HERE.

The lacquer for The Mants 7" has arrived at the pressing plant, so now we wait for test pressings! Maybe we will reveal the cover soon, or upload a preview track, who knows!?!?

Stay tuned boppers!

Thee Tee Pees
LPs will be arriving tomorrow. All pre-orders will start shipping Sat. This is your last chance to pre-order and be entered to win a free test pressing. Pre-orders will be cut off at about 12:00 (CST) tonight. The winner will be picked Fri. morning. Only 7 test pressings exist! Also, red vinyl copies are extremely low, less than 20 left. Order HERE.

The mastered tracks for the The Mants - Destroyed By Fuzz 7" are on the way to have the lacquer cut! This sucker is officially in the works!
STILL waiting on the Thee Tee Pees LPs.  Plant is extremely backed up. It has gotten ridiculous. To help ease the frustration for all of you that have pre-ordered and continue to wait, you will now get one of these bitchin' Thee Tee Pees vinyl stickers when your order ships! People can also get one of these for free by purchasing or pre-ordering ANY Thee Tee Pees record through Manglor Records. The Jinxes / Teutonics split 7" counts as well.


Three killer 45s from Total Punk in stock!


 Annoyed about the delay of Thee Tee Pees' LP? ME TOO!

I have gotten a few e-mails asking where the LP is at, and why their pre-orders haven't shipped. Completely understandable. These were due out the end of May, and here we are, at the end of June. I wish I could give a solid answer, but I am at the mercy of the pressing plant, which has been very backed up. It has become very frustrating.

If at any point you are losing patience (I know I am) and want to know why your record hasn't shipped, please feel free to e-mail me for an update. If you really get frustrated and want to cancel your pre-order and get a refund, I will refund you straight away. I don't recommend this, because there aren't many red vinyl copies left, and it might crush your chance at a red copy. But I don't at any point want you to feel ripped off, or jacked around. I am not that kind of label.

It really shouldn't be much longer, and I hope the wait will be worth it. My sincere apologies for the wait.
On a more positive note, I have gotten some killer new 7"ers in distro....
I Get Mynze 7"
Killer release that came out this month on Pelican Pow Wow.
The Wet and Flesh Panthers 7"ers on Tall Pat Records.
Two great bands from Chicago.
Both are on color vinyl, and both include a digital download code.
Plus restock of Black Boots' The Raven 7".
Color vinyl, with brand new variant cover!

You can find them all HERE!

New 45 in distro, and it's a killer! The Boars - Two Tears on Theodore Records. 60's style frat/garage rock out of San Francisco. This one came out years ago, and I am pretty sure Manglor is the only place you can currently order a copy. I can't recommend this 7" enough! Get it HERE!


The covers for the upcoming Thee Tee Pees LP have arrived. Records are still being pressed, but it shouldn't be too much longer. Get those pre-orders in! There is still time to secure a copy on red vinyl, and a chance to win a free test pressing! Red vinyl is very low, so don't hesitate! Pre-order HERE.

The Sellwoods have a new 7" out, and Manglor has it in distro at a very fair price!

Check out their new video for the tune Palm Reader!

Also now in stock, The Fuzz Kings - I'm Your Goon 7"!
Fuzz drenched garage rock from Edmonton, Canada.

And it's on super rad seaweed green vinyl!

Things have been kind of quite around Manglor the last couple weeks, but that doesn't mean things aren't happening.

Thee Tee Pees LP is looking like a mid. to late June release now, due to some delays that were out of my, or the band's, hands. Lets hope mid. The wait is killing me. Just waiting on the records from the plant, and covers from the printers. Pre-orders are still being taken, and there is still a chance for you to secure a red vinyl copy (red vinyl is near sold out), and be entered to win a free test pressing! So don't hesitate! Purchase HERE.

The Mants 7" will be underway by the end of June, still planning a late summer release for this one!

And one last thing, a couple new titles will be in distro very soon! More on these when they arrive.



The media coverage of the upcoming Thee Tee Pees LP keeps coming in, and it's all been good!

They made the Weekly Roundup over at Amoeba's blog. HERE!

And then head on over to see what SlyVinyl has to say, HERE!


Thee Tee Pees' tune Indian Bingo, off their upcoming LP, featured on Pitchfork! Click here for your first listen and a killer write up!

And then get your pre-order in, for a chance to win a free test pressing!


Pre-orders for the upcoming Thee Tee Pees LP are now live!

13 wild garage punk hits!
500 pressed (First 100 on red vinyl)
150 gram vinyl
Includes digital download code (with additional demo tracks)

One person out of the first 75 to pre-order, will be randomly chosen to win a free test pressing! Only 7 test pressings are being pressed!

Due out late May / early June
Pre-order here


Razorcake give the Pure Predication - Dead Boy 7" a perfect review!
Pure Predication are heading out on tour soon, and will be playing shows in OK, CA, NV, TX & TN, including a show at Burger Records. Be sure and catch them if they come your way. I will post more show details as soon as I get them, in the meantime, here is a teaser...

Here you go, a little taste of the upcoming Thee Tee Pees LP, their rippin' tune Got My Gun! This record is gonna blow your mind!
*I noticed the embeded Soundcloud player doesn't show up in the mobile version of this site, at least not on an iPhone. If you don't see it, go here..
UPDATE ON THE LP: The lacquer has made it to the pressing plant, so if all goes smooth and there aren't any delays, we should see test pressings in a couple weeks or so, with record release by the end of May.

Stay tuned boppers!
THE MANTS return to vinyl this summer with a brand new 7" on Manglor Records! Their first release since 1997!
The end of the human race is imminent!
Stay tuned boppers!


 Another great review up, over at 7 Inches! This time for Thee Tee Pees, Bitchin' Titties 7"! Read it HERE!

Also, I should have a bit of an update on Thee Tee Pees's LP release sometime this week!